The Adult program is principally located at 1500 Franklin Street, with some programs operating from the Goodwill Offices. 

Clinical Services

Full Service Partnership - Adult Care Management Program (FSP-ACM)Full Service Partnership – Adult Care Management Program (FSP-ACM)

Intensive case management and intervention for low-income and homeless adults with serious, persistent mental illness or substance abuse challenges.

Full Circle Family ProgramFull Service Partnership – Comprehensive Adult Recovery and Engagement Program (FSP-CARE)

Complimentary program to ACM providing a continuum of care to stabilize lives, secure housing, and connect clients to essential social services.

Young Adult CourtYoung Adult Court

Partnership program for first-time, low-level felony drug offenders who wish to have their records expunged in exchange for successful participation and graduation from program.

Reconnecting All Through Multiple Pathways (RAMP)Reconnecting All Through Multiple Pathways (RAMP)

Individual substance abuse and mental health assessment and treatment for participants in Goodwill’s RAMP Program.

Deaf Community Counseling Services (DCCS)Deaf Community Counseling Services (DCCS)

Dedicated to serving deaf and hard of hearing clients, from children to seniors, with mental health, substance abuse and other issues requiring case management, for residents of San Francisco and Alameda counties.

Early Crisis Intervention and Eviction Assistance (EAP)Early Crisis Intervention and Eviction Assistance (EAP)

Resources and early crisis intervention for individuals and families at immediate risk of eviction.

Full Service Partnership for Transitional Age Youth (TAY - formally known as MAP)Full Service Partnership for Transitional Age Youth (TAY – formally known as MAP)

Program assisting youth, ages 16-25, with serious and persistent mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness, to help stabilize their lives and assist them with achieving life goals, self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Provider Outpatient Psychiatric Services
Administrative Service Organization (POPS – ASO)

Providing on-site, cost-effective mental health administrative and clerical support to the San Francisco Department of Public Health Private Provider Network.

Vocational Services

Family Service Agency of San Francisco's Works ProgramFelton | FSA’s Works Program

Program specializing in referring and placing interested Felton | FSA clients into pre-vocational volunteer positions that promote job training skills.

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