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Tech Squad brings tech support and broadband access directly to older adults and people with disabilities so they can participate in our increasingly digital world.

Staff and volunteers provide culturally appropriate tech curriculum, small group training, and ongoing coaching with the goal of teaching individuals how to access online city, community, health, and commercial services.


Please call us at (415) 474-1558

Free ZOOM Training

On Smartphones, Tablets Laptops, and Computers

Learn to use Zoom and access FREE online activities, access medical and social services, see family and friends virtually, and more!

For Zoom Training, You can book online!

免費 ZOOM 培訓!

學使用ZOOM來 參加免費網上活動,訪問醫療與社區服務,安全網上探訪家庭與朋友,以及更多!

報名參加Zoom培訓, 您可以在線上預約!

Be a Tech Squad Volunteer!

We are inviting teenagers, young adults, and individuals of any age who are tech-savvy to volunteer and deliver tech training and one-on-one support services to seniors.

Volunteering to teach older adults about computers and the Internet is an excellent opportunity for community service programs in colleges, high schools, religious institutions, and the like!

We hope to bring news, information, and photo sharing to the growing segment of older adults who want to improve their skills with new technology.

Do you…

  • Enjoy working with older adults?
  • Have the ability to communicate
  • with patience and understanding?
  • Have the technical and problem-solving skills to work with smartphones, tablets/iPads, and laptops?
  • Have proficiency in downloading and setting up applications, especially videoconferencing tools and platforms?
  • Have time to commit 3-5 hours on weekdays, from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Have proficiency in any additional non-English languages? Optional

Join Tech Squad Today!
For more information, contact a Tech Squad Team Member.
Tel no. (415) 474-1558


Hours (Mon-Fri): 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tech Squad Program
Office Phone: (415) 474-1558
Program Email:

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