Felton Older Adult Service Team (OAST)

Felton Older Adult Service Team (OAST). 

Our work with clients includes screening and assessments, treatment plans, case management, psychiatric services, and care coordination, both in the office and in the field as we offer community outreach and home visits all while using evidence-based practices.

We offer comprehensive, specialized, intensive clinical case management for older adults with mental health concerns, which includes substance abuse, to help them maintain independence and dignity while aging in place.

Felton staff receive extensive recovery-oriented training and serve by the principle of “meeting people where they are” in their recovery journey, using community and street-based strategies. We promote recovery-oriented, culturally competent values and employ people with lived experience in senior and executive clinical and administrative roles. The team is committed to client-centered outcomes including full community integration and inclusion.

Clinical Case Managers, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Peer Community Specialists provide evidence-based and evidence-informed mental health interventions. These are powerful tools that provide excellent intervention to older adults living with severe and persistent mental illness.


Ellen Harrington, LCSW
OAST Acting Program Director

1005 Atlantic Avenue
Alameda CA 94501
Phone: 415-474-7310, x442
Fax: 415-447-9805

Felton Institute Building, 1005 Atlantic Ave, Alameda