Alameda | Early Psychosis Programs

Who we are:

The Felton (re)MIND® early psychosis program delivers comprehensive treatment grounded in wellness, recovery and resilience to people experiencing early signs and symptoms of a psychotic disorder, as well as providing families the tools to support their loved ones in their recovery process. Our mission is to transform the treatment and perception of psychosis – and by extension the lives of young people and their families – by intervening early with evidence-based, culturally responsive and rigorous diagnostic assessment and treatment, so that within five years of engaging in services most cases of psychosis are treated to remission.

Our Goals
  • Provide outreach and services to identify and treat early signs and symptoms of psychosis
  • Prevent psychotic disorders  from becoming severe and disabling
  • Assist clients to mitigate and cope with symptoms in a way that allows them to achieve their personal life goals
  • Reduce rates of suicide, school failure and dropout, emergency hospitalization, unemployment, and incarceration
  • Reduce the stigma associated with psychosis
  • Ensure that underserved populations have timely access to culturally responsive evidence-based treatment
Who We Serve
  • (re)MIND® is a coordinated specialty care model for early detection and treatment of psychosis.  Participants have begun experiencing signs and symptoms of psychosis within the past two years.

    To be eligible for (re)MIND®, participants must:

    • Be an Alameda County resident
    • Have MediCal Insurance
    • Have experienced full psychosis for the first time in the past 2 years
    • Be 15-25 years old

    BEAM serves individuals with onset of Bipolar spectrum disorder or mood disorder with psychotic features in the past two years. The program is committed to transforming the treatment and perception of recent onset Bipolar spectrum disorder or other mood disorders, by intervening early with evidence-based, culturally competent assessment, diagnosis and interventions so that the teen or young adult and their family learn skills to manage the episodic nature of mood disorders.

    • Be an Alameda County resident
    • Have MediCal Insurance
    • Have experienced Bipolar I or mood disorder with psychotic features for the first time in the past 2 years
    • Be 15-25 years old

To talk with someone about a referral to the Felton (re)MIND® or BEAM program, please email or call 510-318-6100.

You can learn more about referrals – whether you are calling for yourself or are a clinician calling on behalf of a client – on our Intake Process Page.

Psychoeducational Presentations: To talk with someone about scheduling a talk about early psychosis, please email or call 510-318-6100 

If you or a family member are in immediate crisis contact 911 or one of the resources listed below.

Alameda County Behavioral Health ACCESS services (provides referrals to a variety of behavioral health programs; useful for clients and their families entering the behavioral health system): 1-800-491-9099

Mobile Crisis (used to help de-escalate a client or determine if they need a higher level of care):

  • Berkeley and Albany: (510) 981-5900
  • Rest of Alameda County: (800) 491-9099

Crisis Residential Programs (please call first to find if there is a vacancy):

  • Amber House Crisis Stabilization and Crisis Residential Programs: (510) 379-4179
  •  Jay Mahler Crisis Residential Program: (510) 963-9849
  • Woodroe Place Crisis Residential Program: (510) 613-0330
  • Willow Rock Center Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Facility (12 to 17 yo): (510) 895-5502

Children’s Hospital Crisis Assessment and post-discharge referrals: (0 to 11) (510) 428-3000

John George Psychiatric Hospital: (510) 346-1300

Cherry Hill Detoxification Program: (866) 866-7496

Sally’s Place Peer Respite (non-clinical crisis support, run by peers): (510) 963-9849

Family Education and Resource Center (FERC) (support services for family members/caregivers to loved ones with mental illness): (888) 896-3372

After-Hours Crisis support: (510) 903-1222

  • Youth text line: Text the keyword SAFE to 20121 | 4pm-11pm Daily
  •, (800) 309-2131

Contact Information:

Felton Institute – (re)MIND® Alameda and BEAM Alameda
For more information regarding the Felton Early Psychosis Programs in Alameda County, please email or call 510-318-6100

Location: 1005 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

For general questions regarding the Felton Institute Early Psychosis Programs, please email Adriana Furuzawa at or call 415-474-7310, extension 314.