Transitional Age Youth Acute Linkage (TAL)

    Adult Social Services, TAY, Felton Institute

We aim to improve the long-term health, well-being, and safety of Transitional Age Youth (TAY), ages 16 through 24, through developmentally responsive mental health linkage and support services to TAY and their family following a mental health crisis.

Who we are:

Transitional Age Youth Acute Linkage (TAL) uses an interdisciplinary team approach to provide field based services—along with youth and family support services—to stabilize and prevent future crisis episodes. The program fosters expanded collaboration and service integration to better meet the needs of TAY in San Francisco.

Who we serve:

A multicultural population of transitional age youth ages of 16 through 25 who are being discharged from crisis services and then are not able to follow through with discharge plans, lack the support to do so, or are not being served at a high enough level or care, leading to repeat crises.

To consult with someone about linking a TAY to care, please email or call the TAY Linkage Collaborative at 415-642-4525.

If you or a family member are in immediate crisis, contact 911 or one of the resources listed below.

  • Comprehensive Child Crisis: 415-970-3800
  • Mobile Crisis: 415-970-4000
  • SF Suicide Prevention: 415-781-0500
  • Behavioral Health Access Center: 415-255-3737
  • Westside Community Crisis: 415-355-0311 (Provides psychiatric emergency drop-in visits)

Psychiatric Emergency Services:
Zuckerberg San Francisco General
Emergency Department
1001 Potrero Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110


Office Hours (Mon-Fri): 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Transitional Age Youth Acute Linkage (TAL)
Office Address: 1500 Franklin, San Francisco, CA 94109
For more information regarding the TAY Acute Linkage program, call: 415-642-4525
General questions about Felton programs, call: 415-474-7310
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For more information, contact:

Jordan Pont, LMFT
Director of Adult Mental Health Programs, Adult Services
Ph: 415.474.7310, ext. 496