Training, Research and Evaluation

Felton Institute’s Training, Research, and Evaluation (TRE) Division was established in 2005 to elevate practice standards of service providers and reflect the cutting edge of evidence based best practices within a culturally competent and behavioral health framework.

Since its inception, we have assembled a team of experienced, real-world practitioners and educators who have developed and piloted a unique curriculum that reflects the values of social justice, integrated treatment, multidisciplinary teams, and client-directed care planning.

Behavioral Health Training Courses

Accredited Professional Workshops for Continuing Education Credits.

Specialized Trainings Customized for You

Comprehensive training in Evidence-Based treatment approaches.

Clinical Internships in Behavioral Health

Start your Clinical Internship at Felton Institute.

Medi-CAL Peer Support Specialist Certification Training

CalMHSA accredited online course to prepare you for PSSC certification.

Specialized Trainings

Pioneering New Strategies for Social Work

We believe that all in need of social services and behavioral health care are entitled to the best treatment available, and we are therefore committed to finding, developing, implementing and sustaining practices that have the most profound impact on symptom remediation.

For social service providers, agencies, and institutions that are interested in updating their approach to follow evidence-based models that have been shown to have the most profound impact on clients, Felton Institute offers comprehensive training in Evidence-Based treatment approaches.

We Help Organizations:


Evaluate Readiness

To implement evidence-based practice using an asset needs organizational assessment process.


Reinforce Best Practices

Ensure that training models chosen are held to fidelity and that standards of practice are reinforced in reasonable and practical ways by supervisors.


Develop Clinical Learning Capacity

For both supervisors and front-line staff.


Felton Institute’s Training, Research and Evaluation (TRE) Division can work with you to create custom training, modify core courses and plan out a learning roadmap. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

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