Center for Reentry Excellence (CORE)

Center of Reentry Excellence (CORE) is Felton Institute’s justice service program in Alameda County. Serving all justice impacted individuals, CORE provides a one-stop hub of reentry services working with the Alameda County Probation Department.

The program puts Felton Institute front and center with residents returning to their community from jail or state prison. These individuals are among the highly vulnerable in our community. The traumatic impacts of incarceration are undeniable, and many returning residents come home not only with the challenges they experienced prior to incarceration, but with an additional layer of trauma from incarceration itself.

Within the first six weeks of the program, Felton received over 100 referrals and in accordance with COVID-19 practices served 98% via telehealth.

How CORE can help:

  • Linkage to delivery of groceries and hygiene items
  • Assessment for shelter/housing options
  • Linkage to resources available now



Phone: (415) 474-7310 (Ask for CORE)
400 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Oakland, CA

Funding Statement: This work is supported by the Alameda County Probation Department, funded by AB109 dollars, as part of the Reentry Engagement Center Master Contract No. 901780.