Angelo Quinto Community Response Team (AQCRT)

The Angelo Quinto Community Response Team (AQCRT) supports the community by engaging the community.

AQCRT provides a 24/7 community response to low-level, non-life-threatening 911 calls. In collaboration with the City of Antioch, the Antioch Police Department, and local community-based organizations, our trained staff provide community members with mental health support, service linkage, and lifesaving skills.

AQCRT empowers Antioch residents by providing immediate, on-site interventions to mental health and community challenges. Our prevention services include de-escalation, mediation, conflict resolution, and social service linkage. Additional services include solution-focused prevention strategies, crisis prevention trainings, and community engagement event planning.

Antioch Community members who are experiencing a mental health emergency, community conflict, or lack access to basic needs.

  • Service linkage, intervention, and prevention services for those experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Community conflict mediation, support, and engagement.
  • Crisis prevention trainings and community events.
  • Resource distribution.

AQCRT is comprised of trained staff who provide mental health support and lifesaving skills.

The AQCRT Team:

  • Utilizes motivational interviewing and de-escalation techniques.
  • Supports crisis safety planning to prevent/reduce future crises.
  • Provides service linkages to ongoing mental health and medical services.
  • Aids in housing placement options for unhoused community members.
  • And More…

How Can I Receive Help from AQCRT?

Community members in the city of Antioch experiencing a mental health emergency or community concern are encouraged to call 911. Dispatch will coordinate our team to arrive to your aid.


Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you looking for general information about our program? If so please reach out to our supportive staff during standard 9 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday business hours.

For crisis situations, Antioch community members are encouraged to call 911 and dispatch will coordinate our team to arrive to your aid.

Angelo Quinto Community Response Team (AQCRT)
General Program Email:
Office Phone (M-F, 9 AM – 5 PM): 415-474-7310 Ask for AQCRT
Program Location: Antioch, Contra Costa County, California
Service Area: The City of Antioch

Contesa Tate
Program Director, Angelo Quinto Community Response Team (AQCRT)

Mailing Address:
Attn: AQCRT Program,
Felton Institute, 1005 Atlantic Ave.
Alameda CA 94501


Felton Institute’s Angelo Quinto Community Response Team (AQCRT) program is operated in collaboration with the City of Antioch, California, the Antioch Police Department (APD), and local community-based organizations.