Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP)
Hilltop High School Graduation - Felton TAPP. 
Felton Institute’s Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP) began providing services in 1981, as a federal demonstration site for the Adolescent Family Life Program/Care Projects. Based upon the demonstration project’s positive outcomes of reduced low birth weights, improved retention and/or re-enrollment in school, and the reduction on unwanted repeat births, California legislation was passed to create its own Adolescent Family Life Program.
TAPP provides comprehensive case management to help ensure that expectant and parenting families up to age 19 have access to all available health, education, and social services for which they are eligible.
TAPP over time has systematically structured its wrap-around service programming, which has evolved into the Young Family Resource Center (YFRC). In 2006, the YFRC formally opened its doors and now houses all teen/young adult family programming, including the TAPP case management AFLP services, delivering comprehensive, intensive case management through the YFRC.

TAPP’s Young Family Resource Center (YFRC)


Young Family Resource Center – Services
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Young Family Resource Center - Services. 

Our mission is to sustain the YFRC as San Francisco’s premier Teen and Young Adult Family Support programming that targets teen and young adult-headed families. Through a Young Parent Peer Educator model of management, administration and evaluation, the YFRC is a model of family support and youth development principles.
The Young Family Resource Center (YFRC) is a population-focused, peer-directed, peer-focused Family Resource Center targeted to teen and young adult parents, their children, and their families. The YFRC has now been fully operational for four years as an expectant and parenting teen/young adult target population FRC.
Integrating a youth development model, peer-to-peer service delivery, and wraparound resources, the YFRC serves citywide and offers a network of support services, education, and child-development information for teen and young adult parents up to age 24 throughout San Francisco. Under that umbrella, the Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP) provides comprehensive case management services for expectant and parenting teens up to age 20 and ensures that young parents and their children have access to all available health, education, and social services for which they are eligible.
The TAPP and YFRC programs serve over 200 pregnant and/or parenting teens/young adults and their children annually.
Other FRC services include information and referral, basic needs assistance, family events, childcare, GED classes, peer educator hours, special interest program classes (turning heads in sewing and fashion design), and outreach. Our program blends local funding with the statewide funding aimed at improving the outcomes for teenage parents in both school and raising their children.

The Centering Pregnancy

This evidence-based, national model of prenatal care is provided at the YFRC, in partnership with UCSF Nurse-Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital; the curriculum addresses prenatal issues related to mental health through three components: assessment, education, and support.

STEP and Triple P’s Parenting Education

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Parenting Education
The STEP parenting program is a seven-session planned training curriculum that provides valuable tools, which improve communication among family members and lessens conflict. This past year we were able to deliver parenting curricula in Spanish and piloted it in parenting workshops at the YFRC; it was an enormous success. Triple Ps, Level II and III is our newest Evidence-Based curriculum for one-to-ones with parents and/or developmental childcare staff.

Child Health via Child Development:
The TAPP Child Development Specialist provides education in Breastfeeding as an integral part of the overall curricula, Infant Massage, through once-a-week classes conducted in the HDC. There is also a Hilltop School Well-Baby Care component, provided by the Hilltop childcare Site Supervisor, who provides a few days a week to do a newborn well-baby class.

Nutrition Education

The TAPP Nutritionist provides Individual Assessments (prenatal, prenatal WIC, Prenatal Follow-up, Breastfeeding Counseling, Formula Feeding Counseling, Postpartum WIC appointments, post-partum weight loss, Infant Feeding and Toddler Feeding.
Nutrition classes and/or workshops are provided by the CY&F Division’s Nutritionist for over 25 years. Services are provided through two venues: the on-site Hilltop School and at the YFRC. At Hilltop, provides classes of a Prenatal Class, Hilltop Infant Feeding Class, and a Weight loss Class. YFRC services are provided one-to-one and through workshops. Services at the YFRC include Individual Assessments (prenatal, prenatal WIC, Prenatal Follow-up, Breastfeeding Counseling, Formula Feeding Counseling, Postpartum WIC appointments, post-partum weight loss, Infant Feeding and Toddler Feeding.

Young Teen Parent Program – @ Hilltop School

Teen mother and child. 

Child Development Education
The Young Teen-Parent program provides targeted developmental parenting education and related activities. This school-based program provides intensive daily support. The Teen Parent Child Development Services Program provides developmental education, assessment, counseling, and practicum activities to promote positive developmental parenting for pregnant girls, young fathers-to-be, and parenting teens of both sexes.

Read Aloud and Early Literacy Program
School Readiness for the Child(ren). The Read-Aloud project provides access to all the books – to families and to case managers -In the YFRC library. During visits, we usually model reading to children. Case managers and clients use the resource area when they are looking for specific books, such as potty training, child development, baby play and activities; books are taken on our home visits and we try to include them in our outreach and intake packets/interviews.

Teen Resources to Achieve Positive Practices (T-RAPP)

In T-RAPP, our primary young adult/teen parent peer educator model program is the teen parents provide each other with peer support, taking on leadership roles in conjunction with the other clusters and acting as outreach workers. The program includes four components: peer counseling, peer education, community education and teen peer groups.
Services include classroom education; school and community presentations at youth and family fairs/forums; one-to-one education; peer educator support groups; and counseling As the YFRC interns develop skills and professionalism, the T-RAPP program becomes a “feeder” for the YFRC, which utilizes peer educators, often through rotations, in other capacities – administrative interns, child development interns, etc. – in cases a stipend internship.
One of the most positive outcomes of our Teen Peer Educator model is the ability to move a peer educator intern into work.
T-RAPP partners with San Francisco Unified School District to provide a Health Lesson 17 on Teenage Pregnancy & Parenting Awareness to high school and middle school-age students.

Vocational Services / REACH Program

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Realizing Employment And Creating Hope (REACH)
Our REACH program integrates with our growing Family Economic Success efforts. We utilize Workforce Investment Funds youth funds and foundation support to encourage and facilitate family self-sufficiency for pregnant or parenting young people served by the YFRC Our overarching goal of the REACH vocational services program is to assist teen parent-headed families to achieve Family Economic Success (FES). FES, generally, is the ability of families to secure the financial resources to meet their needs and achieve their financial goals for themselves and for their children within one or two generations. This includes the goal of increasing families’ incomes. REACH Program objectives include (1) job skills education, (2) providing job skills development through hands-on internships and (3) promoting job skills development through gainful employment.

GED Program

The preparation courses within the GED Program are offered in both English and Spanish, providing an alternative education program integrated on-site under the YFRC. Providing services in Spanish fills a unique, increasing need for teen parents mo comfortable with GED services in Spanish. Our Bilingual GED Instructor will provide individual 1:1 academic assessments and tutoring in Spanish or English, and utilizes computer-adaptive software to provide daily differentiated instruction to support all of the students’ needs, track academic progress and growth, coordinate pre-assessment and register student’s for GED official testing dates, and develop culturally relevant curriculum to serve the needs of recently migrated student’s, English language learners, and students with special needs.


Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP)
Felton Institute’s Family Developmental Center (FDC)
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Main Office Phone: (415) 282-1090

For more information, please contact:

Elodia Villasenor, Family Support Director
Office Phone: (415) 282-1090 ext. 516
Email: familysupport@felton.org

Yohana I. Quiróz, Ed.D., Chief Operations Officer
Children, Youth, Family and Transitional Age Youth Services
Email: yquiroz@felton.org

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