Teen Resources to Achieve Positive Practices (T-RAPP)

Teen Resources to Achieve Positive Practices   Teen Resources San Francisco

T-RAPP is our primary teen and young adult parent-to-peer educator model program. Teen parents provide each other with peer support, taking on leadership roles and acting as outreach workers.

The program includes four components: peer counseling, peer education, community education and teen peer groups. Services include classroom education; school and community presentations at youth and family fairs/forums; one-to-one education; peer educator support groups; and counseling.

T-RAPP serves middle school and high school students from the San Francisco Unified School District. The program works closely with SFUD to provide teen-parent peer education in classrooms throughout the city.


Teen Resources to Achieve Positive Practices (T-RAPP)
Felton Institute’s Family Developmental Center (FDC)
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For more information, please contact:

Elodia Villasenor, Family Support Director
Office Phone: (415) 282-1090 ext. 516
Email: familysupport@felton.org

Yohana I. Quiróz, Ed.D., Chief Operations Officer
Children, Youth, Family and Transitional Age Youth Services
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