As Information Technology Administrator, Czach Hidalgo describes himself, “Simply put, I’m a geek! I love to share knowledge. I’ve been called a classic tour-guide…I love life. Early in life I discovered how to be happy. It’s literally just a choice, and ever since then, I’ve made the most of my decision.”


He has been an integral part of Felton’s IT Team for several years troubleshooting computer and networking issues. Czach noted he was proudly hired on founder Kitty Felton’s birthday July 7th and he has been working to enhance the happiness factor for Felton’s ‘non-tech’ staff by resolving our technical issues. His background in multimedia, including web design, segued him into this nonprofit IT career.

“Working at Felton Institute gives me the same feeling I receive when thinking about the success of my definition of integrity,” Czach said. “We make a difference at Felton.”

Czach Hidalgo and Felton HR Staff


During our interview of Czach, we learned that when you ask tech-oriented individual questions, be prepared to receive precise answers. In Czach’s case, you will enjoy the breath of his interests.

Interviewer: Czach, clearly dates hold significance for you. Tell us about another date – your birth. Where were you born?

Czach: I and my twin brother were born at 9,350 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains in Quito, Ecuador to Christian missionary parents working at HCJB, an international radio station. On the night of our birth, my parents were not expecting a fourth child. My mom thought I was the placenta—until I started crying. Peter and I are the big American tax deductions, born on April 15th.

My first language was Español and then my family moved to California when I was seven years old.

Interviewer: Czach, having your appreciation for life is an especially helpful attitude to have, given Felton’s mission. Please share more about your philosophy.

Czach: My motto is ‘Live life now, not tomorrow, or yesterday’.

One year a friend called a few days before the Superbowl and said, “let’s go to Miami for the Superbowl.” I responded by saying, “Gee, lemme think…OK!” And we went. Life is short, so I try to make the most of life.

I love truly spontaneous adventures and have traveled to 31 countries, 38 of the United States, and plan on adding to that list. My most recent trip was driving solo through 15 Eastern European countries.

Interviewer: Were you always so adventurous and outgoing?

Czach: I led the Brazilian team out onto the field during the opening ceremonies of the XXIIIrd Olympiad at the Los Angeles Colosseum in 1984. I was selected as a Page for the Olympics as Student Trustee and the Student Body President of Citrus College, in Glendora, CA. I had recently been appointed as the President of the Committee on Student Representation for all 111 community colleges in California, representing the students to the California State Governor’s office, the state legislature, and the senate.

Interviewer: Czach, earlier you indicated that you value your work at Felton, that it is connected to your concept of ‘integrity’. Will you explain?

Czach: I created a world-famous definition of Integrity. I have helped to define a word of substance, not a word like toilet or burrito, but one that helps to describe a person’s character. The definition was broadcast over the airwaves in the Philippines, is required reading by Zimbabwe government officials, and the state of Connecticut uses it in their judicial system. The US Air Force uses a portion of the definition for safety training, and it’s also used by rehab centers, organizations, and businesses.

Written By: Rachel Cohen


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