Bay Area suicide hotlines see high volume from anxious callers during coronavirus crisis


“Van Hedwall, director of the San Francisco Suicide Prevention Hotline and a licensed marriage and family therapist, said the volume of calls to the nation’s oldest suicide prevention hotline is also up, but what concerns him most is the increase in the number of calls from people deemed high risk — ready to end their lives.


‘We used to have two to three high-risk callers a week,’ he said. ‘Now we have two to three a day. That’s a very drastic change speaking directly to people’s mental health. The intensity and risk level has gone up, especially over the past week, and it’s going to go up next week.'” ...Read the full article

San Francisco Chronicle Article featuring Felton Institute San Francisco Suicide Prevention, APR 15 2020, Screenshot

You can read the full article on the San Francisco Chronicle Website:

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