Best Chance - Melbourne, Australia - Kevin Feeney. 

Australia’s Best Chance CEO Visits Felton

San Francisco, CA (July 31, 2017) — When Kevin Feeney, CEO of Australia’s Bestchance child and family care agency visited Felton’s Developmental Center on July 31, 2017, one of Felton’s young preschool clients grabbed his arm and greeted him like a dear familiar friend. It was one of the many highlights of Mr. Feeney’s visit with Yohana Quiroz, Felton’s Chief Operating Officer of Children, Youth and Family and TAY programs and three members of her CYF team, Plern Pratoomas, Kaile Thomas, and Lucia Murillo Chacko.

Mr. Feeney found Felton’s rich history and current impact fascinating. He was especially impressed to learn that Felton expanded with three new childcare centers in a very short window of time last summer. Bestchance is just six years younger than Felton, having been founded in 1895. The agency has over 500 staff members and 100 volunteers who deliver a range of educational programs accredited under the Department of Education and Training. These programs include Early Childhood Learning and Development for children under the age of five and Primary

Education for children with social/emotional and learning difficulties. Bestchance also provides a range of support services for parents and families like Early Childhood Intervention and Parent and Community Support. The similarity in services is what inspired Mr. Feeney to visit Felton and learn more about our programs.

All too soon, it was time for him to leave, and Felton staff and our young preschool ambassador bid him a fond farewell.

Felton Institute was founded in 1889 with the mandate that children and families in crisis must have access to social services and resources in order to help them build upon their inherent strengths and develop self-sufficiency. Its name honors executive director Dr. Katharine “Kitty” Felton whose innovation at the turn of the 20th century greatly expanded social services throughout San Francisco and garnered national acclaim. For more than 127 years, Felton Institute has been a leader in innovative mental health and social service programs for all.

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