Felton Institute joined the rest of the nation in celebrating October as LGBTQ History Month. The month-long celebration serves as a reminder to both the LGBTQ and broader communities of the important roles LGBTQ people have taken in creating the social, legal, and political worlds we live in today.

San Francisco Suicide Prevention  

Felton Institute is proud that our San Francisco Suicide Prevention (SFSP) program was founded in 1962 by late gay Anglican Priest Bernard Mayes. Targeting the LGBT community, Mayes started handing out matchbooks in the Tenderloin neighborhood, offering hotline information and the words Thinking of ending it? Call Bruce.” According to a national study, LGBTQ youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide than heterosexual youth. Today, the agency receives nearly 200 calls a day, saving lives one phone call at a time.

SFSP’s 24-hour crisis line is (415) 781-0500. Its HIV Nightline is (415) 434-2437 or 1-800-273-2437. For the crisis text line, text MYLIFE to 741741. For more information, visit www.sfsuicide.org.



LGBTQ Senior, Pride

Our Senior Division provides an LGBTQ friendly and welcoming experience for our LGBTQ senior clients. We provide services designed to recognize and affirm the life experiences of our LGBTQ clients and to assist them in overcoming barriers to access and utilization of services that are specific to LGBTQ seniors. 

LGBTQ older adults are nationally in an underserved and understudied population, yet in the year 2060, there will be over five million LGBTQ seniors. LGBTQ adults face unique circumstances, such as fear of discrimination. Many do not have children to help them in older age. Senior housing, transportation, legal services, support groups, and social events were the most commonly cited services needed in the LGBTQ community. They are also at higher risk for social isolation, putting them at higher risk of mental and physical health problems, chronic conditions, and even premature death.

Contact information:
Cathy Spensley, Senior Division Director
(415) 474-7310 ext 435
1500 Franklin St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

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