As nonprofits continue to navigate the needs of clients and provide essential services in the wake of COVID-19, there is a heightened focus on the future of child care.

Yohana Quiroz, COO of Felton’s Children Youth and Family (CYF) and Transitional Age Youth (TAY) division was interviewed by Amy Marona at Newsy and Maureen Kelly at KRON4 this month. Both stories emphasized the sharp contrast between the thriving childcare services being provided before the pandemic and what is happening as a result of COVID-19.

Felton has continued to provide distance learning, educational material and a weekly diaper and food bank for Felton clients. Yohana indicated that the CYF and TAY Division is surveying both parents and staff to gauge how comfortable they feel with the new protocol that will be in place in the future. 

“Even just as simple as what does drop-off look like,” she said. “(In the past) we encouraged parents to come into the classroom and really connect with the teachers, connect with their children and get them settled in. Well, that’s not going to be possible moving forward.” 

Yohana also shared that like many providers of essential services, Felton has ongoing needs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the daily operations and that, due to new guidelines, Felton’s childcare centers will plan to take in 190 students a year, dropping from the previous number of 430 students a year. 

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