Felton staff member, Sarah Tiffany Richardson Baker, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Community Engagement Coordinator, and her family planned to host “Cuddle Up and Read” before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and last month, they found a way to fulfill their mission while adhering to physical distancing and shelter in place orders.

Sarah shares, “My daughter Liv and I have an organization called Livanthropy, that raises money and goods to support homeless or housing insecure families with kids in Alameda County. Liv became inspired the first time I had cancer and our community rallied behind us. She was five years old; she is now 12. We’ve raised almost $20,000 and given directly to families. Liv has also given keynote addresses at several large conferences around the country over the years and facilitated workshops, sat on panels telling our story and inspired other kids to give back too. She has partnered with Marshawn Lynch and Beastmode, Baron Davis/Black Santa Company and other amazing organizations over the years. People can follow her story on IG @livanthropy and her website: www.livanthropy.org.”


“In March, we hosted ‘Cuddle Up and Read‘, an event co-sponsored by the Hiero Foundation and Akira’s Book Club, where we gave 35 families fully loaded backpacks with books, blankets, toiletries, and $50 Visa gift cards. Initially, the event was going to be at De Fremery Park in Oakland and we were going to provide a day of fun for families, but because of COVID-19, we modified the event to adhere to social distancing and shelter in place orders. We were able to use the MLK Elementary School parking lot to have families drive up or walk up to receive the goods. It was more important now in these times that families in need receive the gift.”

Sarah’s husband Luchan Baker is a member of Felton’s Felton Engagement Specialist Team (FEST), so you could say that “Cuddle Up and Read” was truly a Felton Family event. FEST is comprised of Engagement Specialists who are skilled case managers working in collaboration with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Public Works, Homelessness and Supportive Housing, and the San Francisco Police Department.

For more information about FEST, please contact 415-474-7310 ext. 777 or visit Felton.org.

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