Felton Preschool Graduation - August 2017. 

Felton Preschool Graduation: Cradle to College

San Francisco, CA (Friday, August 4, 2017) — Felton’s Preschool Graduation achieved a new milestone this year. For the first time, the inspiring ceremony was held on the campus of San Francisco State University. The theme was Cradle to College.

We wanted to give the students an experience that will help them hold the vision for attaining higher education,” said Yohana Quiroz, Felton Chief Operating Officer of Children, Youth and Family and Transitional Age Youth Services. The jubilant celebration of the 66 young students clad in small purple robes and wearing mortar boards provided a powerful vision for graduates, proud parents, and all who attended.

The preschoolers from Felton’s Learning Center, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center and Family Developmental Center performed essays and songs with spirited enthusiasm, eliciting cheers and tears of joy from many in the audience.

Proud mother Shermika Woods expressed her appreciation for the positive impact that Felton has had with her daughter, who began the program two years ago, at the age of three.

“It’s been an amazing process for her. She’s grown so much. The teachers were very adamant about every day letting me know the things that they talked about, things that she learned and things that she can improve on. And they would basically give different ways to motivate or encourage her.

“This program is an awesome program. The teachers, the organization as a whole is so structured, they made my child feel safe, they made me feel safe, and they just do amazing things. You come home every day and you just see your child in a different light, and I would encourage anyone to have their child invested in Felton.”

Rosaura Diaz, Felton’s Program Director of the Young Family Resource Center and Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program beamed as she watched many of Felton’s youngest clients take a giant step toward their future. “It was a great team effort; we are all so happy that everyone enjoyed today’s celebration.”

Felton Institute was founded in 1889 with the mandate that children and families in crisis must have access to social services and resources in order to help them build upon their inherent strengths and develop self-sufficiency. Its name honors executive director Dr. Katharine “Kitty” Felton whose innovation at the turn of the 20th century greatly expanded social services throughout San Francisco and garnered national acclaim. For more than 127 years, Felton Institute has been a leader in innovative mental health and social service programs for all.

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