Adriana Furuzawa

Division Director, Early Psychosis Services 

Adriana Furuzawa, MA, LMFT, CPRP, is a licensed marriage and family therapist by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner by the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

Adriana Furuzawa

Adriana Furuzawa has twenty years of professional experience providing services to individuals struggling with severe mental health distress in community settings in California and in Brazil. She joined Felton Institute in 2013. 

Ms. Furuzawa, a native Brazilian, began her career as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in community clinics and hospital settings in Brazil. Her most memorable experience from these early days was being a part of a community multidisciplinary team implementing a low-cost social medicine program, going door-to-door with a registered nurse, a primary care doctor, a dentist, and a social worker, where she provided individual and family psychotherapy as well as psychoeducation on mental health and substance abuse issues to disenfranchised populations.

Ms. Furuzawa’s career in behavioral health includes adult and adolescent inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services, residential treatment services, and psychosocial rehabilitation treatment in California. She has over fifteen years of leadership experience in not-for-profit community-based organizations, promoting integration of recovery-oriented practices and fidelity implementation of evidence-based practices in behavioral health settings. She was appointed to the Early Psychosis Intervention Plus Advisory Committee by the State of California Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission in 2019. 

As the Director of Felton Institute’s Early Psychosis Division, Ms. Furuzawa is responsible for executive oversight, development, and operations of Felton Institute’s early psychosis coordinated specialty care model (re)MINDⓇ (formerly PREP – Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis). As a pioneer in early psychosis coordinated specialty care implementation in the Western United States, Felton Institute operates the (re)MIND®, BEAM, BEAM UP®, and (re)MIND Alumni® clinics in five counties in Northern California. Some of Ms. Furuzawa’s key accomplishments include: the sustainable implementation of early psychosis care in both urban and rural areas, service integration across Felton’s early psychosis network, and active engagement in state and national early psychosis initiatives. She is passionate about the dissemination of coordinated specialty care for early psychosis and has presented her work in numerous conferences in the United States.

Ms. Furuzawa’s ultimate goal as a behavioral health professional is to support individuals to remain resilient through difficult times, create conditions to let recovery find its way, and most of all, be independent and successful in their life journey. Her personal mission at Felton is to work diligently so that ALL youth and young adults struggling with early signs of psychosis have access to specialized state-of-the-art treatment that will effectively lead them towards the life they dream of. 

By engaging in services like ours, we can show many different situations where that was not the case. And we can also say that it’s not going to be easy, but that it’s not impossible. It requires hard work on the part of everybody. So, let’s get to it.”