Dr. George Woods

Felton Institute Board vice Chair

  • Felton Board Member since January 2022
  • Co-Chair, Program Committee

Dr. George Woods

George Woods, M.D., has served as a Felton board member since January 2022 and is the Co-Chair of the Felton Program Committee.

Dr. George Woods is a physician licensed to practice in California, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, Washington State, and Wyoming, with offices in Oakland, California. His clinical subspecialties are neuropsychiatry and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry – the study of psychiatric manifestations of medical diseases and the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders. His clinical practice treats persons with a variety of medical problems with psychiatric manifestations, including neurological disorders that manifest with psychiatric symptoms. He also has a civil and forensic practice.

The medical training Dr. Woods has undertaken has been geared toward a neuropsychiatric practice that combines an understanding of the relationships among psychiatric disorders, brain dysfunction, metabolic disruption, and endocrine abnormalities. This training has been supplemented with training in neuroanatomy and neuropsychological investigation, psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, and other relevant subjects, such as sleep disorders, intellectual disability, developmental disability, and dysmorphology.

Dr. Woods taught Clinical Aspects of Forensic Psychiatry and Introduction to Geriatric Psychiatry at Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia from 2002 through 2016, and has been a lecturer at Berkeley Law – University of California, teaching Mental Health and the Law for 9 years.

Downloadable Extended Bio of Dr. George Woods (96 KB PDF)

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