Dr. Michelle Clark

Felton Board Member - Dr. Michelle Clark.
Felton Board Member - Dr. Michelle Clark.

Michelle Clark M.D., DLFAPA is an Adult Psychiatrist and staff member of the Traditions Behavioral Health, Inc. Psychiatrists registry currently assigned as a Forensic Psychiatric Consultant to the Contra Costa County Detention Facilities.  Her clinical activities have covered a wide range of assignments including outpatient, inpatient and medical /surgical consultation and liaison services constituting over 40 years of experience.

Dr. Clark has held academic positions at Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School and the University of California, San Francisco. She achieved the level of Associate Clinical Professor III. She has been published in academic and lay literature venues and lectured at well-respected conferences nationally and internationally, many of which were by invitation.

Dr. Clark has earned many prestigious awards and fellowships.  She has been actively involved in numerous national and international guild organizations wherein served on committees, held offices and directed programs.

Dr. Clark has also previously served on nonprofit and guild organizations’ Board of Directors; serving in the medical, psychological and social sectors.

Dr. Clark joined the Felton Board in 2016, and her experience in mental health services and her clinical experience are valuable assets as a member of Felton Institute’s Board of Directors and Chair of the Board’s Program Committee.


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