Felton Institute’s (re)MIND® program is an award-winning early psychosis program that focuses on early intervention and treatment for youth and young adults who are experiencing the recent onset of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Adriana Furuzawa, Division Director of the Early Psychosis Division, explains that (re)MIND® services are “truly an evidence-based intervention for the prevention and early intervention of psychotic disorders.” She explains, “It’s a combination of specialized services and psychotherapy for psychosis.” The newest program, (re)MIND® Central is an innovative hub that will link all existing (re)MIND® network programs and enhance existing early psychosis coordinated specialty care services at the direct services level and the program enhancement level.

(re)MIND® Central is formed by a dedicated team, equipped to enhance the services provided at existing program sites by addressing service gaps and barriers to early psychosis care and enhancing early psychosis-coordinated specialty care services by creating an infrastructure for sustainable data collection, program development, and technical assistance to areas where early psychosis coordinated specialty care services do not exist.

Ms. Furuzawa explains that coordinated specialty care services are vital in addressing the needs of those experiencing early-onset psychosis. She’s witnessed the advancements made in successful treatment for those experiencing early psychosis over the years. As she explained, “Perhaps ten years ago, the biggest question was, ‘Is it possible to prevent an illness like schizophrenia from taking hold? Or prevent an illness like schizophrenia from becoming severe and affecting an individual at all levels throughout their lifetime?’ There’s evidence that, yes, it is possible.” An issue, however, has been timely access to specialized treatment and resources. (re)MIND® Central extends Felton’s reach to more individuals and families. This is important because, as Ms. Furuzawa explains, “there is a window of opportunity when interventions, with a certain intensity, a certain frequency, in a certain combination, have the best effect in disrupting the course of illness.” Our mission is to make sure no one will miss their window.

If you or someone you know could be struggling with early signs and symptoms of a psychotic disorder and want to know more, check out felton.org/early-psychosis


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