Most enjoy the warm, satisfying feeling that accompanies assisting someone in need, but did you know how impactful it can be to improving your health. Scientific studies attest to the benefits of giving – not just for recipients but for the giver’s health. There are many reasons why people give their time and money to their favorite nonprofit or foundation. Some may do it for the tax write-offs. Some feel the need to give back to the community. The truth of the matter is, giving feels good.

Giving is good for our health. Research shows there is a direct line between altruism and happiness. The study indicates altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing a positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.” Happiness experts say doing good activates the brain’s regions associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. Between election anxiety, COVID-19, and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Do something good for others. Your brain will thank you for it!

Felton Institute’s “Giving Tuesday” on December 1 is an opportunity to experience the joy of giving. On this global day of giving, join millions of people coming together to make a big difference and a big impact by paying it forward.

The truth of the matter is, giving feels good.

Felton Institute Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving to Felton Institute means you help us serve thousands of individuals in five counties across Northern California who need social and mental health services. Felton provides more than 50 programs in 11 languages focusing on helping low-income and at-risk individuals of all ages, races, and ethnicities, including those at risk for suicide and people living with disabilities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Felton Institute continues delivering critical life transformative mental health and social services for our community. Our staff members provide essential services such as family support, resource and referral, telehealth, and clinical services, including crisis assessment and intervention, case management, therapy, rehabilitation services, and crisis hotlines. Felton Institute reaffirms its commitment to operate as an essential activity as defined by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Please join us in making a big difference by donating to Felton on Giving Tuesday. Whether you donate money, volunteer your time, or do a random act of kindness – your contribution will be rewarded tenfold. Together we can build stronger social connections and even jumpstart a cascade of generosity through your community.

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About Felton Institute: Founded in 1889, Felton Institute responds to human needs by providing cutting edge, evidence-based mental health and social services that transform lives. Felton Institute is a tax-exempt organization registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 94-1156530.

Offering more than 50 acclaimed and honored programs that address homelessness, mental health, prenatal, adolescent, adult and senior needs, Felton Institute provides services in San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Marin, and Monterey counties.

Felton is named for its social services pioneer and executive director Dr. Katharine “Kitty” Felton who was called the ”conscience of San Francisco” and was committed to ensuring that children and families in crisis have access to social services and resources in order to help them build upon their inherent strengths and develop self-sufficiency.