Long-term Care Ombudsman Program
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Providing Advocacy and Support to Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities in San Francisco

San Francisco Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Our mission is to advocate for the dignity, quality of life, and quality of care for residents living in long-term care facilities. 

Ombudsman services are free and confidential.

The Ombudsman Program is a federally-mandated visiting advocacy program.  Professional staff and volunteers receive and investigate complaints regarding the health, safety, welfare, and rights of older adults and people with disabilities living in long-term care facilities. It is the only long-term care advocacy program in the United States.

Ombudsmen are trained professionals who are certified by the State of California. Their chief concerns are residentsrights, dignity, and quality of life. They play an indispensable part in the well-being of people who cannot speak for themselves.

We are:

  • Observers who speak up for the needs of all residents.
  • Problem solvers who help resolve complaints.
  • Listeners who engage in conversation and address issues.
  • Attentive to the diversity of language and culture of each resident.
  • Investigators who process reports and conduct preliminary investigations of alleged elder abuse.
  • Mediators who help facilitate conversations between residents, families, and staff.
  • Residents of nursing homes and assisting living facilities.
  • Individuals needing long-term care placement.
  • Families or friends of people who live in long-term care

We serve over 2700 residents in 19 Skilled Nursing Homes and 59 Residential Care Facilities.

Through monitoring and case-related visits, the ombudsmen:

  • Conduct regular visits to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Residential Care Facilities.
  • Investigate and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents regarding abuse and neglect
  • Educate families and consumers on long term care issues.
  • Are resident-centered and supportive.
  • Provide information & assistance to residents, families, and providers.
  • Help establish resident and family councils.
  • Advocate for facility and system change
  • Witness resident signatures on Advance Health Care Directives (nursing homes only)

Contact Information:

San Francisco Long-term Care Ombudsman Program
6221 Geary Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94121
Main: 415.751.9788
Fax: 415.751.9789

Benson Nadell, Program Director
Ph: 415. 751.9788 or 415.474.7310 ex. 233

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