Long-term Care Ombudsman Program
Felton Ombudsman Program - Resolving a complaint. 
Mandated by federal and state law, professional staff and outreach volunteers investigate complaints and resolve issues affecting elderly and dependent adults in long-term care facilities.

Program receives mandated reports of alleged abuse of elderly and dependent adults within facilities and provides visits and advocacy. No fees are charged to participants.

Contact Information:

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program
6221 Geary Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94121
Main: 415.751.9788
Fax: 415.751.9789
Benson Nadell, Program Director
Ph: 415. 751.9788 or 415.474.7310 ex. 233

Download our FREE brochure

Download our free brochure. 

Ombudsman Brochure. 

The most difficult transitions involve moving from being well to being medically compromised. The Obudsman program will always be available to assist you in your transition from your home to hospital or to a nursing home.

You have rights under Federal law.

A nursing home must accommodate to your needs and preferences. You have the right to self-determination.
What does this mean?
  • It means you can ask about the reasons for your care.
  • You can ask for more rehabilitation to regain functioning.
  • You can say you want to return home.
  • The nursing home must listen to you and accommodate to your wish.
  • Placement in a nursing home does not have to be permanent.
  • You do not have to adjust to a nursing home; the nursing home must adjust to your wishes.