Reconnecting All Through Multiple Pathways (RAMP)


RAMP is a job readiness program sponsored by the Workforce Development Division of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD). The program, in partnership with Goodwill San Francisco and Family Service Agency of San Francisco, helps young adults, ages 18-24 years old, connect with career opportunities that match-up with their individual goals and needs.

The central feature of RAMP is a training program that may include wrap-around support services, classroom-based learning, hands-on team building, physical exercise, substance abuse and mental health services and a work based learning experience. Upon successful completion, youth have the potential of being connected to “next step” employment, training or education opportunities.

Family Service Agency of San Francisco provides individual substance abuse and mental health assessment and treatment for participants in the program. Young adults self-refer to RAMP with goals of developing self-presentation and work habits that will allow them to gain and maintain constructive employment, and participants may engage support for 1-2 years. Therapists work in this program with a goal of helping 80 clients per year stay focused and productive.

San Francisco residents who are 18-24 years old and have limited work experience and/or have not graduated high school and: reside in a low-income family or home; are willing to take a drug test; and are able to obtain right-to-work documents, are eligible to apply.

Contact Information:

Reconnecting All Through Multiple Pathways (RAMP)
The Goodwill Offices
1580 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Main: 415.575.4500
Fax: 415.575.4545

Charles Brigham, Program Director
Ph: 415.474.7310 ext. 480