Full Service Partnership – Adult Care Management Program (FSP-ACM) and
Full Service Partnership – Comprehensive Adult Recovery and Engagement Program (FSP-CARE)


A collaborative partnership with other San Francisco community-based programs that provides direct support to low-income and homeless adults (18-60 years old), with histories of serious and persistent mental health concerns, often accompanied by chronic homelessness.

Clients receive intensive case management and other interventional assistance, designed to anticipate foreseeable problems before they become crisis or emergencies, thereby exhausting resources and placing clients in vulnerable circumstances.

Case management and services are directed towards mental health and substance abuse treatment and may include referrals to medical health care (e.g. primary care, vision, dental), housing assistance, vocational and educational support, and other critical services that will support the client’s ability to function within the community.

Intensive case management may be weekly or daily, in order to stabilize conditions. The program provides an integrated recovery and treatment approach and includes family members, significant others and support persons in the client’s life.

Our program mandate is to assist vulnerable San Francisco adults living with persistent and serious mental health issues (including individuals with multiple diagnoses), to both stabilize their lives, housing and overall function, and to become more independent, productive and satisfied members of the community.

FSP-ACM and FSP-CARE team members include licensed mental health professionals, case managers, mental health and substance abuse trainees, peer outreach support, workforce development specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists.

Case Managers are available via crisis lines after hours, weekends, and holidays. Services are available in English, Spanish and additional languages.

Fees are charged on a sliding scale.

Contact Information:

Full Service Partnership – Adult Care Management Program (FSP-ACM)
1500 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Main: 415.474.7310
Fax: 415.931.3773

Miguel Mercado, Program Director for FSP-ACM
Ph: 415.474.7310 ext. 489

Adult Full Service Partnership Program
1500 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Main: 415.474.7310
Fax: 415.922.9418

Jordan Pont, MFT
Program Director for the Adult and TAY FSP Programs
Ph: 415.474.7310 ext. 496

All referrals must be approved by Sidney Lam, LCSW, San Francisco City and County’s Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS), Adult Programs: 415.255.3730 or sidney.lam@sfdph.org.