Felton Institute

Providing Services and Innovating Since 1889

Supporting Families & Children in Need

Children, Youth and Family (CYF)

Felton’s CYF Division provides early care and education for children birth to six years old, including those with special needs. It also provides case management services to children and youth 4-21 years old and their families.

Helping Youth Develop Vital Life Skills

Transitional Age Youth (TAY)

Several Felton mental health programs are geared towards helping the transitional age youth, 16-25, with severe and persistent mental health issues, to stabilize their lives, and to become more independent, productive, and satisfied members of their communities. 

Facilitating Opportunities for At-Risk Populations

Adult Social Services

Felton’s Adult Division responds by placing a particular emphasis on the needs of low-income individuals and families, people living with disabilities, the deaf, and those needing assistance with justice-related issues. We work with people from all walks of life, aged 18-60 years, including those with mental illness and substance abuse challenges.

Championing the Needs of our Elders

Senior Social Services

The Senior Division addresses the unique needs of our community’s most vulnerable and fragile aging population. Our programs are designed to meet a wide range of needs while allowing seniors to age with dignity and to thrive and live a life of purpose. We aim to help older adults by connecting them to resources and services.

Intervening Early and Focusing on Recovery

Felton’s Early Psychosis Division

re(MIND)™, BEAM™, and BEAM UP™ are innovative, evidence-based programs developed by the Felton Institute to diagnose and treat early psychosis and bipolar disorder. We provide treatment to adolescents and young adults so they can learn to manage their condition and move towards remission and recovery.

Pioneering New Strategies for Social Work

Research, Evaluation, and Training

Felton Institute offers professional development and behavioral health training for providers in a variety of Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs). Guided by a commitment to positive outcomes, social justice, respect for diverse cultures, and client driven service, the Felton Institute provides innovative, patient-centered solutions to agencies in California and across the nation.

Building a Pathway to Stability

Justice Services Division

By collaborating with various local agencies and officials, Felton Institute provides rapid response, community engagement, service linkage, and relationship-building assistance. Focus is given to those who are insecurely housed or unhoused, the formerly incarcerated, those with substance use and unaddressed mental health disorders.

Innovation in Social Services

Felton Institute was founded in 1889 and responds to human needs by providing cutting edge, evidence-based mental health and social services that transform lives.

Our Programs

Social Services

Training & Research


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