Felton Research Division

Research Team and Collaborators. 


Felton Institute Division for Client-Centered Outcomes Research in Public Mental Health (CCOR-PMH)™
Felton’s CCOR™ (see-core) Division, one of only a handful of public mental health-focused community-based research centers in the United States, grounds its work in the belief that stakeholder and community insights are fundamental to transformative change. Felton CCOR™ aspires to leverage client- and community-centered research and program evaluation in the service of innovation, health equity and sustainable impact. CCOR™ partners across the public and private sectors, pursuing research and research-driven program development with the agility and flexibility that a community-based organization affords. Attention to the intersection of culture/race/ethnicity, social adversity and access to quality services is at the forefront of all of CCOR’s™ work. CCOR™ works hand in hand with Felton Institute’s award winning direct service programs and divisions as well as Felton Institute training and technical assistance initiatives throughout California and across the United States.

Interested in informing CCOR’s™ research and program development in early psychosis? Felton is currently forming an early psychosis/early intervention stakeholder research advisory board. Please contact us for an application and additional information.

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