Motivational Care Management (MCM)

Motivational Care Management

PrintMotivational Care Management (MCM) online curriculum and manual, developed by the Felton Research and Training Center, assumes that everyone has the potential to transcend difficult circumstances, develop their own personal strengths, and to succeed in treatment. This model was to guide the practices of engagement, whole person assessment, care planning, and implementation
of services.

What is MCM?

  • MCM is a client centered model
  • MCM draws on the Recovery Model
  • MCM draws on Motivational Interviewing
  • MCM takes a Strength- Based approach
  • MCM trains providers in cultural assessment
  • MCM trains providers in implementing care with outcomes
  • MCM trains providers in data driven decision making

Who is MCM for and who gets trained in MCM?

MCM promotes the development and use of specialized interpersonal and technical skills, and is designed for a minimum of at least one direct consumer contact per month. Both of these features pull MCM out of the world of traditional case management, and into the “intensive case management” arena. MCM is intended for use with individuals with chronic mental illness and other disabilities who are living independently or with support in the community, who require regular, non-daily supervision, and who most likely receive services from other systems and providers within the social service network.

It is recommended that MCM will most effectively serve:

  • adults and older adults in a recovery-based system of care
  • individuals who are traditionally underserved or “hard to reach”
  • individuals with whom natural or historical barriers to engagement are present
  • individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

It is important to emphasize that MCM teaches core foundations of practice within four key functions of care management. While therapeutic techniques are taught throughout, MCM is not a therapy modality, nor a specific treatment intervention or peer support model. Therefore, it is specifically designed for individuals designated as care managers within their agencies. MCM can also be implemented in conjunction with other evidence-based practices and services.

What is the curriculum?

MCM Manual

The MCM Manual was developed to accompany the MCM Online curriculum. The manual includes in depth theoretical and practical information about MCM, as well as interactive activities intended to enhance the learning experience.

The Motivational Care Management Manual accompanies the 12 module online training. To sign-up for online training in MCM, please visit the Felton Research and Training Center’s website.

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