Felton Research Division


The Felton Institute offers services in three inter-related areas:


Community Based Research Consultation

For social service providers, agencies, and institutions that are interested in updating their approach to follow evidence-based models that have been shown to have the most profound impact on clients, the Felton Institute offers comprehensive training in Evidence-Based treatment approaches.

We help organizations:

  • Evaluate readiness to implement evidence-based practice using an asset needs organizational assessment process.
  • Ensure that training models chosen are held to fidelity and that standards of practice are reinforced in reasonable and practical ways by supervisors.
  • Develop clinical learning capacity in both supervisors and front line staff. Motivational Care Management (MCM)

The Felton Institute has developed a strength based, client centered model of care management to help providers hold standards of care in place throughout the care management journey.

Community Based Research Consultation:

We understand that transformed services include having a good system for tracking and charting client data, which is key to evidence-based treatment. Felton has developed a data-driven decision-making protocol that is currently being evaluated. In addition, Felton Institute developed CIRCE, a web-based medical record computer application; agencies can track up-to-the-minute client progress, monitor clinician effectiveness, and access data in a secure environment even from remote locations. CIRCE has also been shown to increase clinician face-to-face time with clients by 25% – 40%.