Kenji Paschen

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

Kenji Paschen started at Felton Institute in 2006 and currently heads its IT Department. He is also the head of Felton’s CIRCE Software, Inc., a subsidiary software company of Felton. 

Kenji Paschen

Kenji Paschen leads Felton’s CIRCE Software, Inc., development, sales, and customer support team with over 30 years of software development experience supporting in-house systems and external clients. He also manages CIRCE’S daily operation, sales and marketing ventures. Bringing innovative and affordable social services case management solutions to community-based organizations.

Kenji received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from California State University, Hayward and was a long-time Controller and CFO for a medium-sized Hawaii and Mexico tour operator with annual gross revenue of $50 M and 250 employees. In 1985, the company allowed Kenji to start its IT Department as the IT Manager, providing the cutting-edge technologies and IT infrastructures for its 50 Reservation Agents at the call center plus many staff who support them.

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