Our Impact

Felton Institute is a leader in providing cutting-edge services that transform people’s lives. Rooted in equity, we uplift quality of life for all our clients and promote social justice to accelerate community-led change.

Our award-winning programs combine the latest scientific research with cultural sensitivity and a deep commitment to supporting the communities we serve.

Our Programs Uplift A Diversity of Clients:

We serve over 53,036 clients across 7 Bay Area counties.

Who We Serve: 

  • 92% are at or below the poverty line
  • 74% are female 
  • 40% are racial or ethnic minorities

Our Stories:

Our Core Service Areas:

  • Children, Youth, Family, and TAY (Transitional Age Youth) Services: Services include early care and education, early intervention and inclusion for children birth to six years old. We offer mental health services for youth and wrap-around family support and social services to all families.
  • Adult Services: Services place a particular emphasis on the needs of low-income individuals and families, people living with disabilities, and the Deaf community. We work with people from all walks of life.
  • Justice Services: By collaborating with various local agencies and officials, Justice Services provides rapid response, community engagement, service linkage, and relationship-building assistance. Focus is given to those who are insecurely housed.
  • Senior Services: Services address the unique needs of our community’s most vulnerable and fragile aging population. Our programs are designed to meet a wide range of needs while allowing seniors to age with dignity.
  • Early Psychosis Services: Provides innovative, evidence-based programs to diagnose and treat early psychosis and bipolar disorder. We provide treatment to adolescents and young adults so they can learn to manage their condition and move toward remission and recovery.

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