Dr. Michelle Clark

Felton Board Member - Dr. Michelle Clark.
Felton Board Member - Dr. Michelle Clark.
Michelle Clark M.D. is a Forensic Psychiatrist Consultant and is also a Staff Psychiatrist at Traditions Behavioral Health, Inc. in Napa and is licensed in the state of California. In addition to her clinical career, Dr. Clark has held academic positions at Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School and the University of California, San Francisco. Altogether, Dr. Clark has 40 years of experience in clinical psychiatry in various venues.

Dr. Clark has earned 11 prestigious awards and fellowships spanning 30 years. She has been actively involved in numerous national and international organizations. She has served on committees, held offices, presented and lectured at well-respected conferences, many of which were by invitation.

Dr. Clark has previously served on nonprofit and guild organization board of directors, serving in the medical, psychological and social sectors.

Michelle’s experience in mental health services and her clinical experience will prove to be valuable as a member of the Development Committee.