LGBTQ Seniors

LGBTQ Seniors Program

LGBTQ Seniors

Our Senior Division provides an LGBT friendly and welcoming experience for our LGBT senior clients. We provide services designed to recognize and affirm the life experiences of our LGBT clients and to assist them in overcoming barriers to access and utilization of services that are specific to LGBT seniors.
LGBT seniors, their families, friends and loved ones can contact our staff to inquire and find out more about Felton services at (415) 474-7310 at extensions 448 and 497. Additionally, Dr. Philip Tsui provides training with a special emphasis on services for LGBT clients.

About The Trainer

Dr. Philip Tsui has over 30 years of experience in direct clinical practice, supervision, training and management. He is currently Clinical Training Specialist at Felton Institute in San Francisco, clinical consultant/supervisor at San Francisco Suicide Prevention, Inc. and trainer/consultant at Hong Kong New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. He is also Adjunct Faculty Member at California State University teaching a course in Chemical Dependency. Prior positions include:

  • Asian Pacific Islanders Wellness Center in San Francisco (LGBT health & mental health)
  • Executive Director of Pacific Center for Human Growth (LGBT mental health/counseling)
  • Executive Director of East Bay AIDS Project in Berkeley/Oakland
  • Member of the Board of Directors of San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • Program Director, Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS)
In the last 20+ years, Dr. Tsui has conducted training with NASW California and Washington Chapters and made presentations at a number of professional conferences/training workshops in the USA, Macau, Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. Some of the topics of his training programs are:
  1. Dementia, Pseudo-Dementia and Substance Abuse/Dependence (including prescription drugs) in the Elderly Population; Assessment and Treatment Issues Mental Disorders in the Elderly; Assessment and Treatment Issues
  2. Behavioral Management of Cognitive Symptoms and Deficits
  3. Working with LGBT Clients: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues in Counseling and Psychotherapy
  4. Dual Disorders of Substance Abuse/Mental Disorders
  5. Triple Disorder of HIV, Psychiatric Disorders and Substance Use Disorders
  6. LGBT Seniors and Aging Issues
  7. Working with Immigrant Clients and Their Families: Psychosocial and Therapeutic Issues

Contact Information

Dr. Phillip Tsui
Clinical Training Specialist
711 Van Ness Ave.
Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 474-7310 ext. 638

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