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The Senior Division has offices city-wide including the following locations: 6221 Geary Street (@ 26th Avenue) in the Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, 1500 Franklin Street (@ Pine) near the Civic Center a, 280 Turk Street, and 315 Montgomery Street.

Geriatric Mental Health Services

Senior Full Service Wellness Program (Mental Health Act)Senior Full Service Wellness Program (Mental Health Act)

Intensive case management including mental health and substance abuse treatment for seniors, age 60 and older.

Geriatric Outpatient Mental Health ServicesGeriatric Outpatient Mental Health Services

Outpatient program offering comprehensive services to seniors, age 60 and older, with mental health concerns.

Community Integration Services / Older Adult Day Support CenterCommunity Integration Services / Older Adult Day Support Center

Community integration program for older adults, age 55 and older, with mental health concerns, including substance abuse.

Senior Peer Recovery Center (Mental Health Act)Senior Peer Recovery Center (Mental Health Act)

Drop-in resource and recovery center for seniors, age 60 and older, providing multilingual, culturally competent, peer-based support and services.

Aging Services

Economic Security Initiative Center for Seniors. Economic Security Initiative Center for Seniors (ESIC)

The Felton Economic Security Initiative Benefit Enrollment Center helps low income Medicare eligible seniors and persons with disabilities to identify and apply for benefit programs for which they may qualify. Service and guidance for older adults via economic security casework and service coordination.

LGBTQ SeniorsLGBTQ Seniors

This program provides services designed to recognize and affirm the life experiences of our LGBT clients and to assist them in overcoming barriers to access and utilization of services that are specific to LGBT seniors.

Case Management for Older Adults and Adults with DisabilitiesCase Management for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

Care management services for older adults and adults, ages 18 and older, with disabilities.

Long-term Care Ombudsman ProgramLong-term Care Ombudsman Program

Professional staff and outreach volunteers investigate complaints and resolve issues affecting elderly and dependent adults living in long-term care facilities.

Foster Grandparent ProgramFoster Grandparent Program

Limited-income, mobile seniors, age 55 and older, receive small stipends for providing support services to children with special needs.

Senior Companion ProgramSenior Companion Program

Limited-income, mobile seniors provide companionship services to frail, isolated, and homebound seniors.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Workforce training for older adults, age 55 and older, leading to permanent job placements.

Dementia Assessment and Connection to ServicesDementia Assessment and Connection to Services

Pilot program to assess older adults living in independently with signs of cognitive decline.

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