Young Family Resource Center (YFRC)

Young Family Resource Center (YFRC)

Youth Family Resource Center
Youth Family Resource Center 

The Young Family Resource Center (YFRC) is one of California’s first peer-directed, peer-focused programs focused exclusively on teen and young-adult parents and their children.

YFRC integrates a youth-development model, peer-to-peer service delivery and wraparound resources, and serves as a model of family support and youth development principals.

YFRC serves clients citywide and offers a network of support services including: STEP parenting education, early literacy workshops, father support groups, art classes, family-centered activities, education around child-development, nutrition and cooking workshops and other educational classes for teen and young adult parents across San Francisco.

YFRC also uses the “Centering Pregnancy” model, which is a national standard for prenatal care, and is delivered in partnership with UCSF’s Nurse and Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital. 

Contact Information:

Young Family Resource Center (YFRC)
2730 Bryant Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
Main: 415.282.1090
Fax: 415.282.1735

Ahide Palomera, Program Supervisor
Ph: 415.695.8300 ext. 511

For inquiries, please contact:

Prasanthi Patel, Program Supervisor
Ph: 415.474.7310 ext. 503


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