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Family Developmental Center (FDC)

Family Developmental Center (FDC)

Family Development Center
Family Development Center San Francisco

Family Development Center

Since 1971, FDC has been providing child care and development services to low-income and at-risk parents with children (including special needs children).

Child care is provided to children birth to six years old, including those who have been identified with special needs and in need of early intervention services.*

FDC is known for its nurturing and inclusive environment which delivers both developmental child care and a school-readiness program for infants and toddlers, whose parent(s) are working or in school and, therefore, financially unable to provide appropriate daycare for their children.

Our curriculum is play-based and designed to integrate developmentally appropriate activities based on age and interest. Adaptations are made to meet individual needs including children with special needs. Play time encourages social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and learning through hands-on experiences and individual exploration.

FDC also provides family support and other services to families including: parenting education, family support groups, case management, nutrition/ health and wellness programming. Participants are low-income/at-risk families including teen and homeless families.

The program is committed to creating inclusive, positive environments that build on children’s positive self-esteem and self-image. Our services reflect the cultural, linguistic and ethnic composition of the families we serve. We blend clinical and educational components including assessments, individual education plans, and a play-based curriculum.

We also provide parent education, family support, speech, occupational and physical therapy along with psychological therapy for the children as needed. The program has an on-site nurse to provide medical attention and care.

Program hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Services are free or on a sliding scale.

*Families must apply through the Children’s Council’sSF3C’ program. For more information, please call their Resource and Referral Line: 415.343.3300.

For inquiries about FDC, please contact:

Plern Pratoommas, Early Intervention and Inclusion Director
Ph: 415.282.1090 ext. 104

Contact Information:

Family Developmental Center (FDC)
2730 Bryant Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
Main: 415.282.1090
Fax: 415.282.1735

Phyllis Hogan, Preschool Program Supervisor
Ph: 415.282.1090 ext. 124

Lisa Aguilar, Administration Director
Ph: 415.282.1090 ext. 119

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