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Developmental Education & Parenting Program (DEPP)

Developmental Educational and Parenting Program (DEPP)

Developmental Education and Parenting Program
Developmental Educational and Parenting Program

DEPP provides low-income, at-risk parents with stipends and educational workshops that address basic childhood development issues, including the relationship between early parenting practice and a child’s cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral capacities to learn.

Working with children’s earliest educators–their parents–in a familiar and culturally-sensitive environment, DEPP helps low-income, at-risk parents begin to perceive themselves as their children’s valuable and successful “first teachers,” aware of the long-lasting effects of early social interaction and environment on children’s overall emotional, psychological, physical and mental development.

Contact Information:

Developmental Educational and Parenting Program (DEPP)
2730 Bryant Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
Main: 415.282.1090
Fax: 415.282.1735

Lisa Aguilar, Administration Director
Ph: 415.282.1090 ext. 119

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